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Pilning Telephone Exchange
BT Total Broadband Pilning Exchange Is Fibre Enabled

Exciting news for customers who are connected to the Pilning exchange, as most customers on this exchange can now upgrade from ADSL to fibre internet, including BT Infinity and Sky Fibre Broadband. Check to see if your street cabinet has been enabled for fibre (FTTC) here.

Faster connections are guaranteed via BT Infinity and Plusnet's fibre products compared to ADSL.

Could you save with BT Infinity? Let's do the maths, add together your line rental & broadband monthly fee then multiply that figure by 12 to give you your annual charge for line rental & broadband.

NEW, increased 'up to' speed on BT Infinity 1. BT Infinity 1 has now had its 'up to' speed increased from 38Mbps to 52Mbps, making it the fastest entry level fibre product available today. New users will receive this new speed automatically; existing customers will need to re-contract for a further 12 months.

Let's look at what BT can offer you with their fibre product, BT Infinity 1

BT Infinity 1 (Up To 52Mbps) @ £12.50 per month x 12 = £150
Monthly line rental £17.99 x 12 = 215.88.
Delivery charge for your new Home Hub 5 VDSL2 router = £7.95
Activation fee for engineer work on your street cabinet = £49
Total = £422.83, equivalent to £35.24 per month for
Unlimited Fibre BT Infinity 1, Line Rental & Weekend Calls
(You can pay your line rental annualy if you prefer with the "Line Saver Rental" option at £194.28, saving you £21.60 over 12 months)

The package featured above is only a 12 month contract, so your not tied in for longer than necessary and includes line rental, BT Infinity 1 Fibre with unlimited usage, weekend calls, up to 52Mbps download speeds, unlimited wi-fi, BT smarttalk, BT family protection, Brand new equipment with the BT Home Hub 5, & 2GB BT cloud. See The Fibre Deal

The new BT HomeHub 5 incorporates the VDSL2 modem that has traditionally been supplied separately, commonly referred as the "White Openreach" modem. This allows you to have a single router solution with less clutter and lower power consumption, compared to powering a modem and separate router.

The Cheapest Way To Get BT Line Rental & Save £21.60 A Year
Line Rental Saver from BT allows you pay your home telephone line rental for an entire year in one card payment of £194.28 providing you with the best price possible for your landline phone. This is equivalent to only £16.19 a month (normally £17.99), saving you £21.60 a year. Line Rental Saver

TalkTalk. Fibre Medium (speeds up to 38Mb) £6.75 for six months, then £13.50 a month. TalkTalk. Fibre Large (speeds up to 76Mb), £6.75 for six months, then £16.75 a month.

Your choice of services from the Pilning exchange are enhanced, because local loop unbundling (LLU) services are available from selected companies on this exchange.

Check the LLU list on the right to see who has their equipment in your exchange.

Unlimited Broadband for only £1.75 per month! TalkTalk have launched SimplyBroadband tariff for customers on the Pilning exchange. 12 month contract, unlimited broadband for only £1.75 per month plus line rental. We believe this is the best broadband deal available at the moment, check out the full details of the TalkTalk offer today!

Premium Sports Channels from BT
Did you know that you could be watching Barclays Premier League games, including some "Top Picks" on your Sky satellite system for just £5 per month? Just switch or join BT Total Broadband, tell them your Sky viewing card number and enjoy BT Sport1, BT Sport2 & BT Sport//ESPN on Sky Channels 413, 417 & 426.

Exchange Location

LLU Operators

 Telephone Exchange, Pilning (SSPLG) has been unbundled by Sky
 Telephone Exchange, Pilning (SSPLG) has been unbundled by TalkTalk

Fibre To The Cabinet

  • Fibre services are available from the Pilning exchange.
    Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) is available on the Pilning exchange from selected street cabinets.


  • Pilning exchange is 21CN WBC enabled, providing broadband services with speeds up to 24Mbps.


  • ADSL Max has been enabled on the Pilning exchange since 31/03/2006.


  • SDSL is not available from this telephone exchange.


  • Standard ADSL has been offered from this exchange since 26/11/2003.

Exchange Address

  • Located at :-
    British Telecom,
    Telephone Exchange,
    Northwick Road,
    BS35 4JF

Ofcom Classification

  • The BT exchange, Pilning is classified by Ofcom as:- Market 1.
  • Ofcom is proposing a new market classification system and the Pilning exchange will then be classified as Market:- A, if this proposal is adopted.

BT Wholesale Information

ADSL services are available on this exchange ADSL

ADSL MAX services are available on this exchange ADSL MAX

SDSL is not available on this exchange SDSL

21CN WBC services are available on this exchange 21CN WBC

FTTC services are available on this exchange FTTC

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)

Surf Telecoms LLU Services are not available Surf Telecoms

LLU services from Sky are available from this exchange Sky

LLU services from TalkTalk are available from this exchange TalkTalk


BT Sport Prices From August 1st 2015

BT Infinity Customers

Platform Package Cost
BT TV BT Sport Pack Free
Satellite (Sky) BT Sport Lite Free
Satellite (Sky) BT Sport Pack £5 per month

Customers Not On BT Broadband

Platform Package Cost
Satellite (Sky) BT Sport Lite Not Available
Satellite (Sky) BT Sport Pack £19.99 per month

Available in HD for an additional £4 per month.

BT Sport Lite comprises of 1 channel, BT Sport 1.
The BT Sport Pack comprises of BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport // ESPN.

BT Sport 1 will be the home of 38 live Barclays Premier League matches as well as the Aviva Premiership and SPFL.

BT Sport Europe (+ BT TV Red Button) will be the home of the UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League.

BT will make some matches available for everyone to watch free of charge via Freeview channel 59. BT Sport Showcase will show a minimum of 12 UEFA Champions League matches and 14 UEFA Europa League matches. Each participating British team will be shown at least once on BT Sport Showcase.